Q) I got a flag from Wireclub Robot Butler, what do I do?

A) No worries! It’s a warning notification regarding bad language, bad conduct, or bad content that was posted. You can also get flagged for excessively flagging others especially if it’s a flag where the other user did nothing wrong.

Q) I keep getting unwanted private messages in the chats, what can I do? A) You can click “Friends & Rooms” in the lower-right corner and set status to “Offline”.

Q) I want to post a video from Youtube, how can I do that?

Q) I keep getting unwanted mailbox messages, how can I block those? A) Go to the Privacy Settings page located here:

Q) I keep getting unwanted friend requests, sometimes from the same user. A) Go to the user’s profile and click “Block User”. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Q) I cannot comment on the homepage, blogs, or profiles

Q) I blocked a user but they can still contact me, what can I do? A) Go to the user’s profile https://besthookupwebsites.org/escort/hillsboro/, unblock them then block them again. If they continue to contact you, click “Report” on the messages and inform a moderator located here:

A) Internet Explorer usually has this issue. Switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari will fix it in most cases.

Q) Random people not on my friend’s list comment on my profile. A) By default, all profiles are visible to everyone and can be read and commented on by everyone that visits your profile. You can change your profile visibility settings to “Friends Only” for profiles, picture galleries, blogs, and private messaging by clicking here:

Q) I have too many posts on my homepage, how do I remove them? A) There is a “Hide” button in the lower-right corner of each post that you can click on to hide them from your homepage.

Q) I accidentally put the wrong age, how can I change it? A) You may not change your age if you are under 18. If you are 18 or older, you can change it by clicking here: (note: creating profiles in both age groups is strictly forbidden.)

Q) How do I change my displayed location, city, or country? A) Locations are automatically detected and set by default to the closest major city near you. Click here: and delete the current location then type a few letters of any major city in your country or region. A list of cities will appear. You have to pick a city from the list and click “Save Profile” once finished for it to be updated. Unfortunately countries are automatically detected and can’t be changed.

Q) How do I remove my location so it’s not displayed? A) Locations are automatically detected and set by default to the closest major city near you. Not every location detected has a major city by default which is a minor bug we’re working on. Eventually all users will have a location displayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q) I want to upload a picture but I can’t find where to upload it. A) Click on your username on the navigation bar and select “Pictures” and “Add”.

Q) I uploaded an image and I can’t click it, it says “Error submitting request”. A) Please contact a moderator located here:

Q) I want to change my default picture, how can I do that? A) Go to your photo gallery and upload an image under “My Images” then click on the image and click “Make this your Display Picture”.

A) Copy the video URL link or the “Share” link and put it at the end of the post or comment after any related text that should go before the video link.