How I Found Love On The Online Dating Site “Flingster”

Everybody enjoys a picture-perfect love story; maybe that’s why online dating isn’t as widely accepted as the conventional approach. But honestly, how is meeting someone online any worse than meeting in a dive bar or the grocery store? There are pros and cons to every scenario.

However, online dating really does open up a lot of options. Personally, I’ve enjoyed using several free adult chat sites, most recently Flingster. I didn’t expect to meet a lifelong flame when I dated online, but I always kept my options open. After all, you miss 100% of the chances you never take, right? If this is how you approach dating, then my experience with Flingster may help you out.

First Impressions

A dating site is only as good as the website itself. It’s uncommon to find dating sites that are outright glitchy, but I’ve been on a few that weren’t exactly user-friendly. Flingster, on the other hand, was pretty responsive and had a layout that took me about five seconds to learn. Once I started using the site, everything moved quickly, which I enjoyed.

The service is technically free, but I decided to splurge and buy a membership. At $ for a month, it’s pretty standard for a dating service with plenty of bells and whistles. Plus, it seemed like a good strategy to become a “verified” member – that’s basically how you know that the person you’re talking to isn’t a troll or a scammer. The sign-up process was super simple; it’s definitely a relief to join a dating site that doesn’t take an hour or more to register for (looking at you, eharmony), but this also means that it’s easy to make fake accounts. I certainly ran into plenty of those while using Flingster, but all I had to do was focus on talking to verified members so I didn’t have to worry about scams or catfishing.

Best Features

I more or less knew what to expect from Flingster, mainly because I’ve used enough adult dating sites over the years to know the standard features. I already knew how to swap between text and video chat, and I knew how to use gender filters to narrow down my search.

The AR (augmented reality) masks certainly spiced up the feel of my chats; I felt like there was a nice variety to pick from, and it was fun to see the masks that my chat partners chose as well. Since I was fine with pretty much any outcome, from a flirty one-time chat to finding a longer-term partner, it didn’t really bother me that some people didn’t want to show their faces on camera.

Another aspect of Flingster that was a key part of the process was anonymity. As I was chatting with other users, the only information I could see was their first names and their countries of origin. That basically left it up to me to find out what they were all about, rather than leaving the work to an algorithm. It isn’t something I’d necessarily choose for every online dating adventure, but it was a nice change since it essentially forced me to get to know my chat partners for myself.

My Online Dating Experience With Flingster

Previous dating experiences have taught me the importance of reasonable expectations. It rarely works out well to pin all your hopes and dreams on a single outcome, so I try to avoid doing that whenever possible. Even so, we can’t really help what we want, and what I ultimately wanted was to find an actual relationship on Flingster. Briefer encounters were fine, I’m not denying that; but I wasn’t paying a monthly fee solely to flirt with strangers online, no matter how hot they were.

One thing I knew for sure was that if I found someone to date over the long term, I wanted to share a language in common with them. I speak English and basic Italian. Flingster offers a translation tool that helped me a lot in several chats, but that wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to rely on with a romantic interest. Don’t get me wrong – I love meeting people from other countries, whether or not I’m looking for a date. At a certain point, though, I decided that I wanted to focus my efforts on finding someone who was interested in more than just a quick chat. I took advantage of the location filter to find people from predominantly English-speaking countries, knowing that if I got bored of it, I could always change the settings again.

I don’t know if that particular strategy would work for everyone, but the online dating gods apparently smiled on my efforts. When I met my current partner on Flingster, we clicked almost immediately. Thanks to the website’s very permissive policies, we could get up to all kinds of shenanigans on the video chats, as well as simply get to know each other if that was all we were in the mood for. Online dates soon turned into in-person dates, and we’ve never looked back. It hasn’t been all that long since we met, but since there’s no sign of this fizzling out anytime soon, I’d say that trying my luck on Flingster worked out pretty well for me.

Adult online dating sites aren’t necessarily the cure-all for a dull dating life, but if you use them to expand your possibilities, it certainly can’t hurt your chances. Just make sure that you have realistic expectations, and keep an open mind towards everyone you meet – you never know what could happen!